6 Premium BBQ Accessories You Can’t Do Without!

Finding premium quality cooking utensils for use with BBQ, teppanyaki, & other outdoor cooking is not easy! Every type of BBQ cooking needs good quality BBQ utensils. Whether its charcoal cooking like the Weber or Green Egg, Traeger or other pellet-based grills or gas barbecues like Beefeater, Beefmaster, Matador etc or teppanyaki cooking with UltraDine, having great quality utensils make BBQing & cooking so much easier.
At Cook N Dine we have premium quality BBQ tongs, Spatulas, Knives & more!

Cook N Dine Premium BBQ Tongs – Extra Long & Extra Strong!

The Premium BBQ tongs are made in Italy from full tang premium hardened AISI 420 stainless steel, constructed for excellent strength, great balance and feel for easy use. At 48cm long they give plenty of reach keeping your hands further away from the heat.

The hand grips are anti-bacterial black polymer, positioned for balance & leverage. A convenient hook is included on the base for hanging in easy reach near your barbecue.

For deft handling of your juicy BBQ meats you won’t get better than these Premium BBQ Tongs!

Cook N Dine Super Duty Spatulas

As the name suggests these spatulas are heavy duty while retaining the flex all good spatulas need.

Smart design always makes a difference, and these spatulas have some great (and rare!) features. Specially rounded corners and careful finishing to remove sharp edges is a key feature in minimizing surface scratching of your BBQ plate. Another important design feature is the handle angle to spatula surface. Getting this right gives great balance, control & leverage for faster & easier use. This is particularly important for teppanyaki use.

The spatulas are made in Italy from premium hardened stainless steel with full tang, triple rivetted construction for durability. Cook N Dine sell the 16cm long Super Duty Spatulas in a pack of 2 with 1 large 10cm wide & 1 small 5cm wide blade. You won’t regret investing in these!

Cooking & Carving Knives

A range of specially selected cooking knives is available from Cook N Dine. All full tang, triple rivetted construction with exclusive use of N690 Bohler premium stainless steel and hardness rating of HRC 58-60 which is ideal for knives.

Knife making is an art of its own to balance the requirements of edge retention, flexibility & durability. Our knives come from an area in Italy where the tradition of knife and sword making goes back centuries and brings the Italian design flair together with durability for a knife for life!

The range includes a Chefs Knife, Santoku knife & Carving knife. We will talk about the knives in more detail later.


UltraDine Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit

To maintain the lustre of your stainless steel cooktops, appliances, saucepans and more, Cook N Dine have a convenient stainless steel cleaning pack that brings together all the items you need.

Microfibre cleaning cloths have been a wonderful development and we include 3 special stainless steel grade cloths. A liquid spray cleaner & polish is included & the dry powder cleaner & polish completes the package.

Cleaning stainless steel has never been easier!


Interested in upgrading your BBQ utensils? Visit Cook N Dine now!