Teppanyaki Tables

Take Outdoor Entertainment Areas to the Next Level With a Teppanyaki Table

Cook N Dine’s high-quality stainless steel teppanyaki tables are suitable for use in both alfresco and open areas and are perfect for outdoor entertaining. If you’re someone who loves to entertain outdoors without being trapped in the kitchen, they are the perfect solution!

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Our teppanyaki tables come in two sizes, so you can choose between having an intimate meal for two or having friends and family over for dinner and a show. The smaller table is 90cm in diameter while the larger one is 120cm. Both of our teppanyaki tables are sure to provide a memorable dining experience for all your guests.

Our tables are safe to use outside all year round due to the electric, flameless heat the tables produce. The teppanyaki tables also have cooling technology that allows you to use the outer ring of the table as a serving tray while still cooking food in the middle. This means all you will need is the teppanyaki tabletop grill. No serving trays, no outdoor dining sets, no moving food to and from the barbeque.

Cook your food right in front of you at your table. Imagine what you can do and re-invent the way you entertain.


Our Teppanyaki Table Range

Teppanyaki Tables

TS-90 (compact)
TS-120 (medium)
TS-150 (large)

Ultradine Teppanyaki Plus Sizing Guide

How do I know what is the best size teppanyaki grill for me? And is there a choice of size & shape? In the Ultradine range, there are 12 different grills to choose from in 3 different styles & 2 shapes.


Shallow Dip Technology


Our Results Speak for Themselves

“I love this Teppanyaki plus. The way it dips in the center amazes my guests (One is a French chef). Still exploring…”
– Greg
“You have a unique and outstanding product and you have been a pleasure to deal with. We are extremely happy with our new MO-80 cooktop – it is the centrepiece of our outdoor kitchen, cooks beautifully and a joy to use”
– Mala
“Highly recommend this product!!! We love it!!! Basically an entertaining delight”
– Geoff

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