Our Quality Teppanyaki Grills have been Bringing Satisfaction and Pleasure to Cooks and Dinner Guests all Over Australia for More than a Decade

Cook N Dine Teppanyaki Grill

A Rich History

The UltraDine® Teppanyaki Grill was originally developed and launched by Paul Schact way back in the 80s and its unique technology has now become the gold standard in single plate cooking with regularly consistent uptake and usage across the world.

Before turning his hand to cooking, Paul Schact III was a leading engineer / industrial designer and one of the first automobile tuning professionals in Europe. His expertise was almost a given with a family tradition of expertise in engineering. His grandfather, Paul Schacht I, founded the family business in 1887 in Stendal, Germany, manufacturing fancy horse carriages and offered leather upholstery as well as paint services. When the automobile gradually took over, the company quickly adjusted to the demand of this new industry era. It was Paul Schact III who delivered Mercedes a world record for straight-off-the-assembly-line sedans and continued to do so for many years, specifically the world records achieved with the famed Mercedes Benz 190 sedan.

Next to his passion for automobiles was his love of cooking. Paul loved the whole cooking process but lamented standing alone in the kitchen while his guests lingered elsewhere in the house waiting for their meals. As a lover of single-dish cooking, he researched the Teppanyaki style of cooking and used his famed engineering skills to develop a cooking device that is not only sleek and elegant in design but is absolutely unique in its operation.

Amazing Flavours with Shallow Dip Technology

The worldwide patented Ultradine is based on a principle never before seen in cooking products — the bowing down of the cooking centre – the Shallow Dip.

Paul combined specially pressed 304 food grade high-quality stainless steel with a new high tech heating element and when switched on, causes the cooking centre to bend and bow downward, collecting all the cooking juices in the centre of the plate and intensifying flavours dramatically.


In addition, this ThermoFlex® Shallow Dip Technology means that the stainless-steel cooktop has a special warming area surrounding the centre that reaches only 50% of the set cooking temperature which is ideal for keeping ready to serve food warm or to finish cooking.

All of Cook n Dine’s products feature the Shallow Dip Technology and our UltraDine Teppanyaki Plus Tables are just as innovative, extending the temperature change right to the edge of the plate, so it remains cool and safe to touch, so you can enjoy your meal right where the action is.

And so easy to clean! Once cool, the stainless-steel surface returns to be completely flat again and can be cleaned in an instant with a wipe of a paper towel.

German Engineered and Built to Exacting Standards

Cook N Dine’s UltraDine® teppanyaki grills are manufactured by Gunter Bechtold GmbH in Weilheim, Bavaria, Germany to exacting production standards using the highest quality 304 stainless-steel. German engineered and crafted with a flawless finish!

Bechtold has a strong, long-term commitment to sustainable manufacturing and environmental protection. Bechtold is solar-powered, uses LED lighting and is a driver in recycling all of its waste. It is also in the process of replacing its machinery with the latest green technology to continue its environmental thrust and energy use reduction.

Cook N Dine’s UltraDine teppanyaki grills and tables have been bringing satisfaction and pleasure to cooks and dinner guests all over Australia for more than a decade.

Cooking, steaming, sautéing, frying, and grilling become entertainment with our brilliant, technically innovative, and virtually indestructible UltraDine Plus range.

Whether you need your UltraDine Teppanyaki Plus built-in, are looking for something portable or want a free-standing table, Cook N Dine lets you be the chef you’ve always wanted to be.

We ship our products Australia-wide. In addition to our industry-leading customer support, any UltraDine Teppanyaki Plus also come with the usual manufacturer’s warranties.


Our Results Speak for Themselves

“I love this Teppanyaki plus. The way it dips in the center amazes my guests (One is a French chef). Still exploring…”
– Greg
“You have a unique and outstanding product and you have been a pleasure to deal with. We are extremely happy with our new MO-80 cooktop – it is the centrepiece of our outdoor kitchen, cooks beautifully and a joy to use”
– Mala
“Highly recommend this product!!! We love it!!! Basically an entertaining delight”
– Geoff

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