Take Your Flavour to The Next Level with 'ThermoFlex' Shallow Dip Technology

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UltraDine Plus is the only single plate cooker in the world with ‘ThermoFlex’ technology. You, your family and your guests can enjoy a new dimension in flavoursome teppanyaki cooking. 

Developed and perfected by Paul Schact in the 80, UltraDine’s patented ThermoFlex® Shallow Dip technology is the gold standard

Shallow Dip Technology

When the cooktop is turned off, the stainless steel surface is flat. When turned on, the centre of the surface dips to create a shallow cooking area containing the marinades and juices. The heating element is electric and uses state-of-the-art technology, meaning it is safe for both indoor and outdoor use whilst taking less than three minutes to heat up!

How it Works

When switched on, the one-piece surface divides into Three (3) different temperature sections:

Sinks down slightly towards the heat source, thus forming a shallow concave pit up to ~450ºF|230ºC

a ring up to 3-1/2” wide surrounding the cooking centre. The temperature in that area is approximately 50% lower than the set cooking temperature.

the remaining space towards the edge of the surface, which STAYS COOL (*tables only)

the cooking centre gently bows downward… just enough to keep all the delicious food juices contained in the now slightly concave cooking pit. Those food juices are the ideal base for delicious sauces.

Why UltraDine Plus is The Superior Grill

Brand Comparison

There are many different types of teppanyaki machines and with so many on the market making that final decision can be next to impossible. Here at Cook N Dine we obviously think our UltraDine® Teppanyaki Plus range is the superior product but what is it that makes them superior? We’ve compiled a list of the most popular teppanyaki grill styles to show you why the UltraDine is at the top!

Our Results Speak for Themselves

“I love this Teppanyaki plus. The way it dips in the center amazes my guests (One is a French chef). Still exploring…”
– Greg
“You have a unique and outstanding product and you have been a pleasure to deal with. We are extremely happy with our new MO-80 cooktop – it is the centrepiece of our outdoor kitchen, cooks beautifully and a joy to use”
– Mala
“Highly recommend this product!!! We love it!!! Basically an entertaining delight”
– Geoff

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