High-Quality Accessories for Your Teppanyaki Cooktop



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When using Cook N Dine’s high-quality teppanyaki hot plates, be sure to complement your grill use with the right teppanyaki accessories. 

This will allow for the best cooking experience while also ensuring the teppanyaki plate’s longevity and lasting quality. We offer a select amount of tools such as spatulas and chef knives that will make using our teppanyaki tables easier and effortless.

Our Spatula’s and Knives are extremely high quality and are manufactured in Italy in high-end factories. The manufacturing of these utensils has a long history in Italy. 

The origins of these knives and spatulas can be traced back to the old sword makers of Italy. This means you can be sure your accessories will not only work efficiently, but will last the test of time.

High-Quality Accessories for Your Teppanyaki Cooktop

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