Ultradine Teppanyaki Plus Sizing Guide

How do I know what is the best size teppanyaki grill for me?

And is there a choice of size & shape?

In the Ultradine range, there are 12 different grills to choose from in 3 different styles & 2 shapes.

If these sizes don’t fit your needs you can contact us to discuss a custom-made option

  1. Built-in – round & rectangle
  2. Portable – round & rectangle
  3. Table – round

The best guide to the right size for you is the number of people you would normally be cooking for.

Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the right size teppanyaki cooktop.

No. of PeopleBuilt-in Model (Rectangle)Built-in Model (Round)Portable Model (Round)Portable Model (Rectangular)Table Model

Dimensions & Cooking Area

ModelStyleDimensionsCooking Area
MO-60Built-in Round60cm dia45cm dia
MO-70Built-in Round70cm dia48cm dia
MO-51 Built-in Rectangular51cm x 38cm38cm x 27cm
MO-61 Built-in Rectangular61cm x 45cm50cm x 35cm
MO-80 Built-in Rectangular 80cm x 60cm 63cm x 45cm
MO-111 Built-in Rectangular 111cm x 60cm2x 45cm dia
PU-60 Portable Round 60cm dia 45cm dia
PU-70 Portable Round 70cm dia 48cm dia
PU-80 Portable Rectangular 80cm x 60cm 66cm x 45cm
TS-90 Table Round 90cm dia 50cm dia
TS-120 Table Round 120cm dia 50cm dia