The Ultimate Home Grilling Experience

The Ultimate Home Grilling Experience

Grilling at home while relaxing with family and friends is the favourite Australian entertaining style! A few drinks, some perfectly grilled prawns, steaks, skewers or a stir fry – the electric UltraDine grill makes entertaining easy & fun.

Indeed one of our customers had this to say:

“I purchased the MO-80 built in grill. The grill is a dream to cook on and has been the star of our outdoor kitchen. It’s so fun to entertain around. It’s versatile, easy to use and easy to clean …….. I highly recommend Cook’n’Dine for anyone wanting a teppanyaki or flat grill experience in their own home.” See her comments here

Why is UltraDine® grilling so special?

Grilling is usually done on a flat plate grill. Most are familiar with the traditional gas BBQ style grill plates. The thing is they are a flat plate because, well, they stay a flat plate grill!

UltraDine® is different.

With ThermoFlex® shallow dip technology the UltraDine flat plate grill becomes, when turned on, a shallow wok in effect, keeping all the food juices right in the cooking area & enhancing the flavours. Comments like “that is amazing” & “I can’t believe how good it tastes” are normal responses on the first experiences of UltraDine grilled food. Then it becomes expected (of course!) & no other grill will quite match the flavour. If you love the flavour you will need the UltraDine grill. 

The UltraDine grills are available in both built-in & portable models. Sizes range from the compact, medium, large (most popular) & extra large in the rectangle built-in style.

The portable models include 2 round ones – 60cm & 70cm diameter & 1 large rectangular model 80cm x 60cm.

The Best Utensils


  • Spatulas: dividing, mixing and stirring are all key components of the flat plate grilling process and a couple of high quality spatulas should be top of your list when you start your cooking journey. We recommend the Super Duty Spatula Set designed specifically for hot plate cooking.
  • Sharp knife:  Everyone has their preferences for cooking knives, but if you want a super sharp knife that retains its edge in everyday use try the Chef’s Knife, Santoku Knife or Carving Knife from Cook N Dine.
  • Tongs: even in cooking, safety should always be a priority, so you should always have a pair of tongs with which to pick up hot food. The extra strong and extra long BBQ tongs from Cook N Dine are consistently our pick.

Entertain at home

The UltraDine® Grill and accessories from Cook N Dine make it possible to enjoy the excitement and fun of grilling at home. Entertain your friends, learn new skills, and cook delicious food in the comfort of your own home.

And if you think the UltraDine® Grill is a one-trick pony, think again. It’s a great option for outdoor or indoor grilling with its flat plate providing an even-temperature cooking surface that’s perfect for meat, seafood, and vegetables. 

The UltraDine® Grill is the perfect addition to any Australian kitchen – indoors or outdoors!