International Popularity of Teppanyaki Cooking

Teppanyaki cooking has a long history and has been practised in Japan for hundreds of years. In recent decades, its popularity has increased drastically in Western Countries, namely America, Europe and Australia. There are many factors that have influenced teppanyaki cooking’s increasing popularity.

Teppanyaki grills boast many benefits and enable the cook to create meals in ways that other appliances do not allow. The main reasons for teppanyaki cookings’ popularity include: 


One of the best parts about teppanyaki cooking is the entertainment value it provides. Cooking on regular stove tops means you are usually sequestered to the kitchen, separate from the dining area. With teppanyaki cooking, the chef prepares the meal right in front of the diners, allowing them to see the entire process. 

It even provides interaction between the chef and the diners. This is especially entertaining when the meal is prepared by skilled and experienced chefs, like in teppanyaki restaurants. These chef’s throw food around and cook with an extra flourish that makes the meal unique and exciting. It is undeniably a highly immersive culinary experience. Diners could even get the opportunity to grill some food themselves. When teppanyaki cooking at home it becomes an incredible experience for all the guests! 

Ease and Convenience

Due to the shape and functioning of our UltraDine Teppanyaki Grills, you are able to cook with ease and convenience that is unmatched by any other cooking appliance. Unlike traditional stovetops, you can cook directly on the heated surface. Due to the stainless steel that is used this surface is non-stick and allows food to be tossed and thrown with no issues. 

Since the food is coming into direct contact with the heating element, food can be cooked much faster. No heat is lost through the transference between stove and pan making teppanyaki cooking much more efficient. You are also provided with a larger cooking area than most pots and pans meaning you can make large meals faster and more conveniently.


With traditional stovetops, there is not much option for customisation. With our Ultradine Teppanyaki Plus Grills, you can create a setup that works perfectly for your kitchen. There are options for built-in grills to replace standard stovetops, giving you all the benefits of teppanyaki cooking while still keeping your kitchen or outdoor set-up the way that works for you. The portable grills can be plugged into any powerpoint and set up wherever you like. Create an entertaining dinner party anywhere with a power source!

You can also cook virtually any type of food on a teppanyaki grill. Like fish, meat, eggs; fried, steamed or even scrambled, and roast vegetables. Simply toss them lightly in oil before serving. By using metal spatulas, the chef can turn meat or other ingredients until it reaches the desired level of cooking. In this way, you can use a teppanyaki grill to create crispy edges and other desired textures.

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