The Possibilities Are Endless With Our Teppanyaki Hot Plates!

Cooking with a Teppanyaki grill is more than just food preparation. The art of teppanyaki cooking began around 200 years ago in Japan and is less of a cooking style than it is a performance. The word teppanyaki derives from the Japanese word “teppan”, which originally meant “iron plate,” while “yaki” translates to “grilling.” So, the term literally translates to grilling on an iron plate.

The fusion of eastern flavours and western side dishes is what’s made this combination of ancient Japanese cooking techniques and modern performance art such a hit around the world. All around Australia, people are now getting teppanyaki grills for their home and bringing this art and one-of-a-kind exclusive experience to their dinner guests.

Here at Cook N Dine, we have several different high-end teppanyaki grills for all kinds of applications. But these aren’t just any teppanyaki grills. The Ultradine Teppanyaki Plus range is a feat of German engineering that uses top quality stainless steel and the latest in technological innovation to cook your ingredients as deliciously and conveniently as possible. It’s a versatile addition to any kitchen and can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Steam, roast, bake or toast! With more than 10 models Cook N Dine has something for every chef, whether amateur or professional.

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The Ultradine Plus is a superior teppanyaki grill plate

The Ultradine Teppanyaki Plus makes cooking easy and entertaining, without compromising on quality. The secret is in the unique shallow dip technology that makes preparing meals a breeze. In the centre of each teppanyaki grill, an area will slightly curve in once the cooktop begins to heat up. Ingredients and all delectable juices and sauces stay in the centre as you are cooking. There is no need for a grease trap. If you are cooking an oily food and have too much oil, all you need is a paper towel to quickly wipe them up in a flash!

The fact that the outer ring stays cool is another great bonus. You can have all your ingredients, sauces, spices, and other condiments ready to go right there on your cooktop. You can cook and serve from the same conveniently sized grill. Never hide away in the kitchen when guests are over again!

Cooking zone: Variable temperature grill (Max. 220°C) which dips inwards when heated.

Warming zone: 50 per cent lower temperature than set cooking zone, usually 8.5cm wide separating the inner and outer zones.

Cool area: Safety zone, which always stays room temperature. Ideal for serving and eating.

All our teppanyaki grills are made from high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials available – it is almost indestructible. It generally has a longer service life because of its resistance to heat, chemicals, and corrosion. This means you can be sure your teppanyaki grill will stand the test of time. Heat distribution is also superior. Any heat generated from the grill will transfer directly to food. So, it’s efficient and your food will be cooked to perfection in no time.

The grills are all-electric making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Our electric teppanyaki grills can be built into the kitchen of your home to be used as a regular stovetop. This is convenient and it also looks chic and minimalistic.

For the frequent dinner party host, our portable teppanyaki grills are perfect. They can be used from the dining room or wherever is most convenient, including outdoors! If an outdoor teppanyaki grill is what you’re after you can opt for the portables. We also have an electric teppanyaki grill in a table style instead of just a plate.

Now that you’re cooking food faster with your teppanyaki grill plate, you can rest assured that pack-up will be faster. Because stainless steel is smooth and non-porous it’s very easy to clean. Simply turn on the heating element, pour warm or hot water over the cooking area and let simmer for 10-15 minutes. After this, a gentle scrape with a non-metal utensil and a wipe down will be more than enough to clean the grill. No more scrubbing with unnecessary or potentially harmful chemicals!

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