The Ultimate Stainless Steel Electric BBQ – UltraDine!

The Ultimate Stainless Steel Electric BBQ

The UltraDine BBQ is the ultimate stainless-steel electric BBQ.

At Cook N Dine we take immense pride in being a 100% Australian owned company at the forefront of supplying German handcrafted high-quality 304 grade stainless steel electric BBQs and accessories for over 20 years.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation has made us a trusted name among barbecue enthusiasts, and our products reflect the very essence of Australian living.

We understand that a great barbecue experience begins with exceptional equipment, and that’s why we provide a diverse selection of BBQ styles to suit every need. Whether you prefer the precision of electric, the convenience of portability, the elegance of built-in models, convenience of a complete BBQ table or the versatility of indoor and outdoor setups, we have you covered.

Stainless Steel BBQ Range


Built-In Electric BBQ’s

Built-in Electric BBQ: Our most popular range with 4 sizes in rectangle & 2 in round. Minimalist look that maximises BBQ flavour & enjoyment!



Portable Electric BBQ’s

Portable Electric BBQs: The convenience of take anywhere BBQ fun. Plug & play at home, on boats, caravans, camping, national parks & more!





ultradine-teppanyaki-table-apartment-balconyFree Standing Electric BBQ Tables

Free Standing Electric BBQ Tables: The complete cook around electric BBQ package. Set the table, pull up your chairs & start BBQing. Space-saving option for apartments





Why own an UltraDine BBQ?

With over 20 years of experience and barbecue know-how, UltraDine stainless steel BBQs offers a unique range of products that empower you to barbecue with confidence.

Our BBQs are more than just cooking appliances; they are handcrafted with meticulous care and precision in Germany. Each one undergoes a silk brushing process, which not only enhances the longevity of the stainless steel but also imparts an attractive grain. This not only ensures that your UltraDine stainless steel BBQ looks stunning but also maintains its durability in the harshest conditions.

Australia’s diverse and ever-changing outdoor and coastal environments have inspired us to create a unique range of UltraDine BBQs. Our products are thoughtfully designed to withstand the rigours of the Australian outdoors, ensuring that you can enjoy the perfect barbecue, no matter where you are.

Our quality is our commitment. That’s why all our BBQs are covered by a 2-year warranty, offering you peace of mind in your investment. Additionally, we stand by the reliability of our products with a 12-month warranty on parts. Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end there. We provide ongoing service and support Australia-wide, ensuring that you have a partner in your quest for the ultimate barbecue experience.

If you enjoy barbecuing, you’ll love the UltraDine BBQ difference.

German Made

German made is synonymous with premium quality. UltraDine BBQs are the epitome of German craftsmanship, meticulously designed and handcrafted by Gunter Bechtold Gmbh, a proudly family owned and operated company for over 54 years.

Gunter Bechtold Gmbh takes immense pride in being metal artisans – “zukunft in blech” which translates as “Future in Sheet Metal” – with over 54 years of expertise in the field. They are the creative minds and skilled hands behind each and every UltraDine BBQ, ensuring that every product is a testament to their dedication and precision.

Situated in Weilheim Bavaria, in southern Germany Gunter Bechtold is a leading stainless steel and metal fabrication company, renowned for its state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge machinery. With extensive experience extending across a wide range of projects, encompassing commercial and residential endeavours, their commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every piece they create.

UltraDine BBQs are more than just barbecues; they are a testament to the art of metalwork and the spirit of innovation.

Benefits of UltraDine BBQ’s

The Cook N Dine Stainless Steel BBQ offers several unique benefits as a BBQ option for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Its flat, stainless steel cooking surface ensures even and consistent heat distribution, allowing for precise control over the cooking process. This versatile BBQ enables not only grilling but also stir-frying, searing, and cooking a wide variety of dishes, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy diverse culinary experiences. The UltraDine BBQ promotes interactive dining, as it can accommodate multiple guests cooking their food simultaneously, fostering a communal and engaging atmosphere during outdoor gatherings. Additionally, its easy-to-clean stainless steel surface and durable construction make maintenance a breeze, while its availability in various sizes and configurations allows you to tailor it to your outdoor BBQ area’s specific needs. Overall, the Cook N Dine UltraDine Electric BBQ brings a unique blend of versatility, functionality, and sociability to your outdoor cooking space, making it a standout choice for BBQ enthusiasts.

The Best BBQ Cooks Need the Best BBQ Utensils

Getting the best out of your barbecue needs the right barbecue utensils. Our curated collection based on ergonomic design with the durabilty of premium european stainless steel includes, super duty spatulas, extra long & strong BBQ tongs & a range of cooking knives. Find out more here