Is the UltraDine Cooktop The Ultimate in Minimalist Design?

A minimalist design is functional, aesthetically pleasing and becoming increasingly popular.

A trend that really began in the 1920s, it was embraced by architects worldwide in the 1960s waned during the 1970s and 80s but has now re-emerged as a popular design theme.

The Minimalist Approach

Minimalist can mean many things but in housing it can represent a focus on maximizing space and openness, uncluttered, clean spaces and respite from a busy, cluttered world.

In kitchen areas – both indoor & outdoor kitchens – balancing the minimalist approach while achieving maximum functionality & effectiveness, especially in appliance selection, is critical.

In outdoor kitchens & BBQ areas it can be a challenge to find appliances that fit the minimalist approach. BBQs are typically chunky and may detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of outdoor kitchen area.

Consequently, many designers are turning to the UltraDine range of cooktops.



Sleek and Elegant

UltraDine grills use simplicity to create a unique cooking device that is smooth, sleek and elegant – a perfect representation of minimalism.

UltraDine grills can be flush mounted to the benchtop or, more commonly, on the benchtop with just 4mm of the stainless steel plate above the benchtop. This retains the sleek, uncluttered look and feel of the benchtop and BBQ area.

The stainless steel UltraDine teppanyaki plate surface is finished with a beautiful hand applied silk brush finish. This finish adds understated class to any cooking area.



Low Energy Consumption

UltraDine grill plates are electric and plug into standard 240V 10-amp household power points. Low energy consumption through efficient electrical design reduces the carbon footprint and fits with the minimalist design approach.

Unique and Clever Technology

The unique and  clever ThermoFlex technology means the cooking plate dips down when heated forming a shallow bowl and keeping all food juices and fats in the centre of the cooktop. This not only enhances the food flavours but also means there is no unsightly fat drain required. As the cooktop cools, when cooking is completed, it returns to its flat position and you can simply wipe the cooktop down with paper towel and a little water.

Add Flair & Function in Cooking Areas!

Cooking appliances enhancing minimalist design principles both in look and function are rare in todays over designed world. The UltraDine range of teppanyaki grills for indoor and outdoor kitchens add panache, uniqueness, function and desirability to any cooking area whilst enhancing minimalist design integrity with it’s simple and striking architectural lines. A must for any type of kitchen.

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