How to Choose the Best Teppanyaki Grill For You

Building a new home and choosing the right appliances for it can be daunting – even just renovating a kitchen or BBQ area is a big job. Normal appliances like ovens, microwaves, cooktops & BBQs are well documented online and need minimal explaining. New on the block though, are teppanyaki grills, which are gaining popularity in many homes now. Choosing the right teppanyaki plate for your kitchen, alfresco, balcony, patio or BBQ area is an important decision.

You may want to consider these 6 factors to help you make the best choice for your needs.
1. What heat source – gas or electric?
2. Outdoors or indoors?
3. Number of people you are cooking for.
4. Shape – Round or Rectangle?
5. Size of area for installation.
6. Built-in or portable?

Let’s Look at Each of These Points in a Little More Detail

1. Heat source – gas vs. electric: Do you have a gas supply available at your house? Either Natural gas or LPG can be used to fuel the gas burner. If you don’t have a gas source available how much will it cost to get it? Are there any safety issues with using gas? For example, some apartment buildings won’t allow gas appliances to be used due to fire risk. Do you have electrical power connected? How much power do you need for a teppanyaki grill? Most household teppanyaki grills, including our Ultradine Plus Range, will plug into a standard 240V, 10 Amp powerpoint just like your dishwasher or fridge. Electric teppanyaki grills are considered a safe choice for apartments.

2. Outdoors vs. Indoors: Australia is generally blessed with fabulous weather which bodes well for entertaining and cooking outdoors. Our UltraDine Teppanyaki Plus grills can be used both indoors & outdoors and have a long history of use in coastal environments.

3. Number of people you will normally be cooking for: This is important as too small a teppanyaki grill can cramp your style. Is it possible to get one too big? Well maybe if it takes up too much space in your cooking area. There is a guide on sizes below.

4. Shape – Round vs. Rectangle: Grills generally come in 2 basic shapes, round, or rectangle. What shape works best with your cooking area? Round teppanyaki grills look great when fitted into a rounded end of a kitchen benchtop. Rectangular grills generally have more space in the cooking and warming areas making it easier to prepare food. These work well on straight-sided benchtops & tables. Round Portable teppanyaki grills are generally lighter to carry, though they have slightly less cooking area.

5. Size of area for installation: When you are building a new house or BBQ area the appliances can be incorporated into the design for best functionality. You may want to consider the traditional teppanyaki set up with the grill set into a bench and sitting space around the grill to showcase the chefs cooking! Renovating an existing kitchen (indoors or outdoors) may have some space constraints that need to be considered when choosing the right size grill.

6. Built-in or portable: Portable teppanyakis offer the flexibility of cooking in any location, you can move it around as required. You can adapt to different needs at different times & even take it with you when going out! Built-in grills offer permanence and can be the centrepiece of your cooking area. What type suits your needs & lifestyle best?

So, there you have it. I hope this helps you on your journey to find the right teppanyaki grill for your needs. If you find the UltraDine Teppanyaki Plus is right for you call us or email us for more information or a quote.


Ultradine Teppanyaki Plus Sizing Guide