A Guide to Teppanyaki Grill Prices

One of the first questions potential teppanyaki grill owners want to know when they call us at Cook n Dine is: How much does a teppanyaki plate cost?

Although this is not a difficult question to answer, I will do my best to explain some general pricing guidelines.

The purchase of a teppanyaki plate is much like the purchase of an oven or a fridge. With so many choices available, price ranges can vary drastically.

You’re going to see – and maybe use – your teppanyaki every day for as long as you live in your home, and picking the right one the first time is critical to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance. Because of this, most shoppers elect to get the teppanyaki that will make them happiest in the long run.

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of the teppanyaki with the goal of finding the cheapest appliance, therefore sacrificing quality, enjoyment, warranty, and aesthetics, for a price that inevitably leads to regret.

As with most cooking appliances, there are multiple brands & types of teppanyaki cooktops ranging from the cheap free-standing flat frypan style to cooktops with integrated teppanyaki plates or modular systems to go in beside your cooktop or dedicated teppanyaki cooktops. Some are only used indoors, some only outdoors and some can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Here are some points to consider when comparing:

  • Where can the teppanyaki cooktop be installed/used? Indoors only, Outdoors only or both
  • Size of plate
  • Size of cooking area
  • Does it have a warming area or separate cooking zones?
  • Gas or electric
  • Built-in, table or portable
  • Where is it manufactured?
  • What warranty?
  • Cooking versatility

As you can see there are many variables and each one does affect the price. The prices range from about $200 to over $14,000, however, the higher quality teppanyaki plates generally start at over $3500.

We understand that some buyers prefer gas cooking over electric and maybe don’t want to, or can’t spend this amount of money on a versatile cooking appliance like this. And that’s absolutely fine, that’s why there are so many choices. It’s great – you get to choose what you really want!

However, if you are looking for a dedicated electric teppanyaki BBQ plate made with state-of-the-art German engineering – and actually made in Germany – that can be used both indoors or outdoors, has three separate cooking areas and the unique, unmatched benefit of ThermoFlex Shallow Dip Technology for truly versatile cooking options and amazing flavour enhancement then the UltraDine Teppanyaki Plus cooktops from Cook N Dine are for you. Crafted in Weilheim Bavaria by metal artisans, UltraDine teppanyaki grills don’t come cheap.

When you select an UltraDine Teppanyaki grill you get:

  1. Unique ThermoFlex shallow dip technology
  2. German engineering excellence
  3. German precision craftmanship using time honoured & contemporary techniques
  4. Subtle yet beautiful hand applied silk brushed finish
  5. Superior German made 304 stainless steel
  6. Sleek and sophisticated elegance
  7. Exceptional cooking versatility

Prices for the Portable and Built-In models start at over $3800 for the PU-60 & range up to nearly $10,000 for the MO-111.

The Teppanyaki Tables we quote on request – expect to pay between $9,900 and $15,000 depending on size. Excellence & uniqueness are worth paying for!

Ultradine Teppanyaki Plus Sizing Guide