Why are UltraDine Teppanyaki BBQ Grills Unique?

All teppanyaki BBQ grills are the same, right? Wrong! When you start doing research for the best appliances for your outdoor kitchen, then you realise there are a lot of differences. And these differences are for good reasons. Here are 5 things to consider, including why UltraDine grills are unique

Heat Source – Gas or Electric?

Firstly, there is the heat source – gas or electric. Who doesn’t love “cooking with gas?” Just check the local regulations carefully though, as using gas is becoming more tightly regulated and stringent controls are in place in many areas to keep everybody safe. It may be easier, safer & cheaper to use an electric grill & no worries about leaving the gas turned on! And there are some excellent electric BBQ grills available now.

Area Size & Budget

Secondly, not everyone has the space or the budget to have every type of outdoor appliance or cooking device in their outdoor kitchen. By the time you have your pizza oven, charcoal griller, Traeger wood pellet BBQ, gas BBQ & a teppanyaki plate space may be a little tight. If you have the room & the budget go for it! Otherwise you will have to make decisions about what is really important and what BBQ’s offer the most versatile cooking options & value for money.

How Does it Look?

Thirdly, there is aesthetic appeal. Big & bulky is not always best! Smooth & sleek has a powerful visual appeal.


Quality & Durability

Fourth, quality & durability. No-one wants to spend there hard earned cash on appliances that just don’t last! Might be cheap when bought, but not value for money if they don’t last. Remember, there are many different qualities of stainless steel – not all are equal! Dig a little deeper than just the claim of stainless steel. German made stainless steel is always high quality.


Last, but not least, cleaning. How easy is the BBQ to clean? We all know, if it’s hard to clean we tend to put off the cleaning and it gets harder every time you do it. And dirty BBQ areas don’t look great, do they?

This is where the UltraDine grill really shines.
  • Its electric, nothing complicated to power it, just a normal household power point to plug into.
  • The UltraDine teppanyaki BBQ grill has an amazing array of cooking styles – its more than a teppanyaki grill! You can do all the BBQing & Teppanyaki you love and more – searing, steaming, frying, sautéing.
  • Its minimalist design is smooth, sleek & functional.
  • Made in Germany using German made 304 stainless steel – does it last? You bet it does.
  • Value for money? Absolutely!
  • Is it easy to clean? Yes. A little water & paper towel will clean it. And if you get some brown stains developing use the UltraDine Cleaning Kit to restore the UltraDine shine.
  • When you are not using it  looks like (& is!) part of the benchtop.

Is there any other BBQ grill like this?

Why are UltraDine BBQ Grills Unique?

It’s the range of different types of cooking you can do with it that really sets UltraDine apart.

And the unique secret?

  • ThermoFlex.
  • When it’s cool, its flat.
  • Turn it on and it quickly heats up & as its heating the flat cooking plate dips down forming a shallow bowl effect.

Cooking turns into entertaining fun and excitement with the UltraDine teppanyaki cooktop. Whether it is the whole family gathering for a hearty breakfast or friends coming for a five course gourmet meal, everything can be fried, seared, steamed or sautéd right at the center of everyone’s attention. Before you know it, everybody wants “a piece of the action” and takes part in preparing the meal. In no time at all a delicious healthy lunch or dinner is ready to be enjoyed.

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