Why are UltraDine portable teppanyaki grills more expensive than built-in models?

At Cook n Dine we are often asked why our portable models are more expensive than the built-in models.

The simple answer is our ThermoFlex Shallow Dip Technology. And we all know to make something that seems simple work time & time again, a lot of engineering and technology has gone into it.

The UltraDine portable teppanyaki is completely self-contained and engineered with the material strength to absorb the stresses of the Shallow Dip feature when heated. To be capable of doing this, more materials & more man-hours are required in the manufacturing process which is, of course, reflected in the price tag. Because we have done the hard work all you need to do is set your portable teppanyaki grill down on a flat surface & plug it into power & get cooking!

The additional advantage of the portable range is it “moves with you”. Entertaining outdoors or indoors at home, at the beach, in a boat, camping, indeed anywhere there is a power supply as it operates on a 240V power source.

Of course, the UltraDine Built-in teppanyaki cooktops have the ThermoFlex Shallow Dip Technology, however, the material strength to manage the stresses is contributed to by the mounting studs that secure the grill firmly to the benchtop. That is why proper installation is critical.

Whatever model you choose you will enjoy how easy it is to use and the experience of amazing flavours from UltraDine teppanyaki cooking, knowing that German engineering and craftsmanship (including hand-applied silk brush finish) underpin your investment.