Spice Up Any Dinner Party With a Portable Teppanyaki Grill

Summer is officially here in Australia! Due to the warmer weather and the sun setting later at night, more and more people are planning to host their next dinner party. But before you take the next step and send your invites out, here are three reasons why we think a Cook-N-Dine UltraDine Teppanyaki Plus Portable Teppanyaki Grill will spice up your next party:

1.  Dinner and a show

Teppanyaki is an extremely popular style of Japanese cuisine in which ingredients such as beef, chicken, fish, prawns or chopped or whole vegetables are cooked, fried, steamed, sautéed, grilled or broiled on an iron plate to perfection.

Teppanyaki is loved around the world because it is a fun and exciting experience being able to cook delicious dishes right in front of your friends and family. You can also let your guests cook their ingredients exactly the way they like them, helping to please even the fussiest of eaters!


2. Take the party anywhere

These days it’s common for people to have an apartment or home with a small or cramped kitchen/dining area. If this sounds like you, why not take the party into your backyard, balcony or to a friend or family member’s house? Well with one of our portable teppanyaki grills you can!

Cook-N-Dine’s Portable UltraDine Teppanyaki Plus enables you to have a private teppanyaki party whenever and wherever you want. As the portable range is completely electric, all you need is to plug it into a nearby power source and you’re ready to go.

Like all of our other products, our sleek and stylish portable teppanyaki grills are crafted from 304 food-grade, high-quality German stainless steel with a flawless, hand-applied silk brushed finish. They also feature our unique Shallow Dip Technology, which means that the area in the centre of the cooktop will carefully dip down when heated and allow your food to be cooked in all of its own juices.


3. Quick and easy cleanup

There’s nothing worse than having an excellent dinner party and then spending over an hour at the kitchen sink washing and drying all of the various pots and pans needed to cook your meals when you’d rather be spending more time with your guests or doing something else.

Cleaning is a breeze with our portable teppanyaki grills. After allowing your cooktop to cool, all you need is to wipe any excess food residues with water, tongs and a paper towel.

Stubborn residues can easily be “cooked off” by pouring a small amount of warm water around the cooking centre, reheating the unit, using a heat-resistant, non-scratch and straight-edged spatula and carefully loosening the residue and moving the water where needed. Then use tongs to wipe up the remains with a paper towel. Always take care when working around hot surfaces and hot liquids. Further cleaning instructions can be found here.

Ready to spice up your next dinner event or need some more information? Give us a call today. We’re always happy to help!