Create a Tabletop BBQ Experience with Our Smokeless Indoor Grills

The art of Barbecuing is something that has been around for many years. The concept of cooking food on open flames and direct heat is a tried and tested cooking method. But, nowadays technological advances have given way to more advanced, complex smokeless bbq grills that allow you to barbecue indoors! And with portable Teppanyaki style smokeless grills becoming a far more accessible option you can also get creative when you cook, making an artistic hobby out of the whole process.

There are often times when you might want a dependable indoor grill that can generate results that are comparable to those made to use outside. Whether you are limited with the setup or size of your outdoor cooking area or you are dealing with severe weather factors. This is where smokeless grills or indoor tabletop barbeques can help.

You won’t have to worry about the neighbourhood fire department showing up at your house. They are not only permitted for inside use, but they are also often portable, allowing you to take them on travels or activities outdoors or out onto the patio when the weather permits.

There are a wide array of styles and types of smokeless BBQs and grills available on the market, with each differing in functionality, purpose, and power source. From smokeless grills to indoor charcoal grills, tabletop hibachi grills or indoor portable teppanyaki grills like the UltraDine Plus sold here at Cook N Dine.

The UltraDine Pluses are some of the finest smokeless grill models on the market. Like any good piece of kitchen equipment, they can work at a range of temperatures, feature a mechanism for gathering liquids and grease, and are easy to clean. The UltraDines are manufactured in Germany and adhere to rigorously high standards of design, performance, simplicity of cleanup, and more.

Indoor BBQs and indoor grills are rising in popularity due to their sheer functionality but the UltraDines remain superior. They are incredibly safe to use and function as electric indoor grills that can connect to regular electrical outlets. They come in a range of sizes to suit any space and can be built-in to your kitchen or portable and placed anywhere you like as needed.

Another notable feature of the UltraDine electric indoor grills is that they are classified as ‘smokeless.’ This is especially beneficial to indoor grilling as little to no fumes are emitted. And with our added shallow dip feature you don’t have to compromise on taste! Replicate that classic smokey BBQ taste with spices, seasoning and sauteing.

Cook n Dine provides High end, High-quality smokeless grills and tabletop BBQs that can be safely used inside. The electric indoor grills offer portability and can be used anywhere, from your alfresco to a boat or to your living room.