BBQ Area and Alfresco Design Ideas

We at Cook N Dine have worked on many outdoor kitchen designs and alfresco designs. We have supplied our quality teppanyaki designer grills for various outdoor barbeque designs and alfresco kitchen ideas.

We are fortunate in Australia to have beautiful weather for the majority of the year making it easier to prepare and enjoy delicious gourmet food outside. An alfresco design brings the comforts of your home outside, allowing you to relax and enjoy delicious food in the fresh air. Cook N Dine’s built-in kitchen grill design is perfect for any outdoor kitchen design. Here at Cook N Dine have a few outdoor kitchen design ideas that can elevate your home’s outdoor dining experience. No matter what size your outdoor area is, there a plenty of outdoor kitchen ideas that can bring your cooking experience to the outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs:

If you have a larger outdoor area to work with, try giving your backyard a fully equipped outdoor kitchen design. There is a wide range of outdoor kitchen ideas that you can utilise for your outdoor living area. Most custom outdoor kitchens nowadays are much more than a simple BBQ grill, plastic table and chairs. You can add outdoor fridges, benchtops, appliances and cabinetry, all additions that cater to your entertaining and outdoor living requirements. Many sections of your outdoor area can be transformed into an outdoor living and kitchen area. Open your home up to the fresh air with an alfresco design or have your outdoor BBQ area separate from your home with some patio grill ideas.

Outdoor BBQ Area Designs:

If you’re wanting an outdoor cooking area but don’t have the space for a full outdoor kitchen design, an outdoor bbq area design is a great option for your home. There are plenty of small outdoor BBQ area ideas that provide you with an outdoor grill area still capable of creating exceptional food. Simple BBQ areas can consist of just the BBQ grill and a work surface for food preparation and plating. Some outdoor bbq area designs can also include a sink and roof cover above the grill area.

Alfresco Kitchen Ideas:

Alfresco designs are one of the most popular covered outdoor kitchen ideas. They are outdoor extensions of your house, allowing you to open up your home and create an outdoor living area that’s part of your home. Modern alfresco designs consist mainly of an outdoor dining and living area but there are plenty of alfresco ideas that include an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area. By adding a kitchen and grill to the enclosed alfresco design, you can create a full outdoor living package where you can cook, serve and dine all in one outdoor area. There are plenty of alfresco ideas on a budget too. These small alfresco kitchen ideas tend to only include a seated living area but can also have a fire pit or homemade charcoal grill design.

Whether you are wanting a simple barbeque area or a more extensive outdoor kitchen design, Cook N Dine has a wide range of teppanyaki grills for any outdoor kitchen idea.