Is UltraDine The Ultimate BBQ Grill Plate?

Are you are designing your new Outdoor Kitchen or updating your BBQ area & tossing up what type of BBQ to buy?

Many customers ask if the UltraDine® cooktop can be used for normal BBQ cooking – you know the steak, ribs, chops, fried eggs, bacon, sausages, prawns, chicken, hamburger patties and more. And the answer is Yes absolutely it can!

The UltraDine® will cook everything an electric grill plate can cook – and more, much more – with the added bonus of extra flavour!

Do yourself a favour and have a close look at the UltraDine teppanyaki cooktop – its so much more than just a BBQ grill plate!

What is the secret?

ThermoFlex™ shallow dip technology.

With ThermoFlex™ the plate actually bends & dips down when the grill is turned on, forming a shallow bowl effect – we often call it the ‘Wok’ effect or better still the ‘Teppanyaki Wok!’


So, what is special about cooking with ThermoFlex™?

Your UltraDine BBQ plate becomes a bowl you can cook in.

Next level curries – a favourite is Butter Chicken or Massaman or Korma or Thai Green curry – the list goes on.

Love stir fry? Love them even more with UltraDine! Try a ginger chilli beef stir fry or a vegetable stir fry on the UltraDine®.


Sensational sea food? Prawns, lobster, fish. Did you know you can steam fish with the UltraDine grill? All you need is some water in the ‘Wok’ and a cloche to cover the fish. Try that on your flat BBQ grill plate!


What about dessert? Give your sweet tooth some satisfaction – Try the Kaiserschmarrn cooked on UltraDine


Release your inner foodie!

With an UltraDine Teppanyaki Grill, you can utilise so many different cooking methods including steaming, grilling, roasting, frying, sautéing and broiling  – all with one cooktop! You can use whatever ingredients you and your friends love to eat and produce mouthwateringly good food.

Adding the UltraDine® grill to your outdoor kitchen will inspire your inner foodie as you explore its abundant cooking options.

And the added bonuses

Cleaning our outdoor teppanyaki grills is so quick and easy! Once you have finished cooking, stubborn food residues can be easily ‘cooked off’ by pouring a small amount of warm water around the warm cooking centre, setting the dial to 3 and using non-scratch and straight-edged stiff spatula to gently loosen the residue. Use tongs to carefully wipe the remains off with a paper towel. Don’t use a circular motion, always move in line with the grain. And yes, we do have a special cleaning kit designed especially for stainless steel teppanyaki plate!

Once switched off and cooled down the cooktop will return to its original flat position, ready to ‘ThermoFlex’ when next used!

Are you ready to upgrade your outdoor kitchen space with a Cook-N-Dine UltraDine Teppanyaki BBQ?  Find out More today!