The UltraDine Plus Revolutionises BBQ Hot Plate Grilling

Cooking on a flat-top grill is a tried and tested cooking method with many families using barbeque grill plates all year round. This particular style of grill plate is great for feeding large numbers of people, with schools sporting events and volunteer organisations opting for flat-top BBQs or even electric grill plates for their local sausage sizzle.

The surface area of standard bbq hot plates is what makes them so attractive to the everyday chef. The grill plate has a large and flat surface giving you a much more robust cooking area. This allows you to cook in ways that frypans and traditional ovens just don’t allow for. Having a flat surface due to a flat cooking plate can be beneficial for almost all styles of cooking. If you are wanting to sear a cut of meat, sauté vegetables or even fry an egg, a hot plate grill can help achieve this.

Cooking with an open flame like BBQ plate-style appliances provide can completely change a meal. There are also virtually no limitations on what and how you can cook. You can create meals with whatever ingredients you have that can be cooked on a flat-top grill. There are even plenty of foods you wouldn’t typically associate with this style of cooking for you to try! At Cook N Dine we have a range of built-in or portable BBQ plate options so you can ensure the best fit for you and your desired cooking experience.

The UltraDine Plus range that we offer here at Cook N Dine also builds upon the benefits that typical BBQ plates provide. With our UltraDine flat-top BBQs, you get a similarly wide and flat cooking area with several added benefits. UltraDine’s unique benefit is the ThermoFlex shallow dip technology which means the BBQ plate actually bends down when heated forming a shallow bowl area for you to cook in for richer flavour intensity. Our UltraDine BBQ Plates function as electric grill plates and provide the user with the convenience of portability as well as boundless entertainment potential.

This means flat plate BBQ cooking can occur inside, or anywhere you choose, thanks to the portability of the UltraDine electric flat-top grills available from Cook n Dine. You can even take your new BBQ plate outdoors. Take it on the road with you, in an alfresco entertaining area or even on the boat! The communal, social experience makes the UltraDine an enticing and lively option, as everyone can congregate around the grill plate. Impress your guests every time you entertain by introducing them to the world of flat-top BBQ grilling.