Electric BBQ Grills – 3 Important Features to Look For

Choosing the right electric BBQ grill for your outdoor kitchen is very important. Many features are considered and compared. However there are 3 most important features to get right:

  1. The cooking surface temperature
  2. Consistent heat in cooking area – no hot/cold spots
  3. Type & quality of steel used

Lets dive into these 3 features in more detail

1. The Cooking Surface Temperature

There are some misconceptions about electric BBQ grills compared to gas BBQs. Firstly, many people think gas is hotter. That may well be true when comparing with some cheap Chinese made electric grills. However, the UltraDine electric grill, made in Germany & using state of the art elements for heating provides 230°C of heat right where you cook when on maximum heat setting. Interestingly a gas flame, at the hottest part , is 230°C. The hottest part of the flame is not on your cooking surface though and there is some heat loss experienced between the flame & the grill area.

2. Consistent Heat in the Cooking Area – no Hot/Cold Spots

Another important feature to look for is the consistency of cooking temperature across the whole cooking area. There should be no hot spots or cold spots in the cooking area. The specialy designed electric heating element carefully positioned and installed ensures even heat distribtion across the cooking area. Being a teppanyaki design the UltraDine has 3 separate areas within the grill plate. There is the hot cooking area in the centre, then all the way around the cooking area is the warming area running at about 50% of the temperature of the cooking area. This means you can move food that’s cooked to the warming area & keep it warm while you are cooking other food, then serve it all together at ready to eat temperature. Around the outside of the UltraDine grill plate is cool – no heat transfer into your benchtop.

3. Type & Quality of Steel Used

Many BBQ grills, both gas & electric are still using steel plates, not stainless steel. When comparing BBQ grills it is important to make sure you understand the difference. Mild steel & cast iron grill plates do not have the longevity and are subject to rusting, particularly in a coastal environment. Stainless steel is better but be warned, not all stainless steel is created equal! This is another area where the Germans excel! The superior quality of the stainless steel used in UltraDine electric grills is remarkable. Using high grade 304 stainless steel – 304 is the recommended stainless steel grade for cooking – UltraDine ensures you will have an electric grill plate in your outdoor kitchen for many years to come. Quality is always worth paying for!

UltraDine Electric BBQ grills are not cheap – nothing good comes cheap! And they are not just a BBQ grill!

UltraDine Electric grills are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing minimalist design
  • Amazing performance
  • Teppanyaki style cooking
  • Unique ThermoFlex Shallow Dip Technology
  • Premium grade 304 stainless steel
  • Use anywhere – indoors, outdoors, covered, uncovered, coastal, yacht
  • Green friendly low power consumption
  • Exceptional German made quality

UltraDine for the ultimate grilling experience! See our range here