Only the Best Portable Cooktops and Electrical Cooktops

Cook n Dine looks to provide you with the best quality cooktop to fit your needs. Cooktop stoves are equipt with a range of different-sized burners, from simmer burners to wok burners. When paired with a variety of cookware, cooktops are capable of cooking a variety of dishes, making stove tops one of the most widely used kitchen appliances. On the market, there is a plethora of cooktops available with each differing in features, materials, and functions.

Different types of cooktops:

There are three main types of cooktops, all utilising differing energy sources. They include
  • Induction cooktops that utilise electromagnetic induction to create a fast-heating stove that stays cool to the touch. This is because induction stoves require magnetic pots and pans made with iron and steel for the magnetic induction function. The electromagnetic energy is then activated by the iron cookware and heats the pots and pans directly. Induction cooktops have a smooth flat surface to allow for extremely easy cleaning of the stove top area.
  • Gas cooktops utilise natural and LPG gas and are characterised by their blue flame. Burner gas stoves are capable of providing rapid heating and cooking precision. Gas stove tops can be more energy efficient than electric cooktops and induction cooktops and provide great heat control.
  • Electric cooktops rely on an electrical connection for heat, however, electric stove tops can be safer than gas stove tops as there are no open flames. Similarly to induction cooktops, electric stove tops also have a relatively smooth stove surface which makes them easier to clean.

For entertainers, portable cooktops are the perfect appliance to have on hand as they allow you to take the party anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Portable cooktops can also provide additional cooking space for extra convenience for any occasion.

Portable induction cooktops and portable electric stove tops are the most ideal for indoor use as they are safer and easiest to clean. Ceramic cooktops such as induction stove cooktops are the most common portable electric stoves on the market. The induction technology of these glass cooktops makes them safer to use as the stove’s surface remains cool to the touch.

For outdoor entertaining, camping trips or getaways, a portable gas cooktop would be the best option. These gas stove tops designed for outdoor use are made from materials like stainless steel and cast iron. They do not need an electrical connection to operate, making them more reliable for these types of adventures. Some of the best gas cooktops can be found at your local camping and adventure store.

With different types of cooktops comes the need for the right cookware. An induction stove that utilises electromagnetic energy and heats by magnetism will only be compatible with ferrous/magnetic pots and pans like stainless steel. This means any copper or aluminium pans will not work. However if most of your kitchen is made up of nonferrous pots, perhaps consider a gas stove top or electric stove top to save having to throw away all your kitchenware.